For accurate data positioning, our mobile GPR solution is integrated with either a mobile mapping system or a dedicated GNSS aided IMU. The survey benefits from the highest order of trajectory in all environments, exceeding the accuracies set out in PAS128:2022.

Added Value: the photographic and LiDAR data sets captured by the mobile mapping system can be utilised for a number of purposes including topographical feature extraction, visualisation and asset management. We can supply the mobile mapping data in several formats including via U-GIS, our cloud-based underground GIS platform.


  • Added Value: get the most out of your existing 3D mapping data. Large volumes of data are captured within the field, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to display this wealth of data within traditional survey packages. This digital approach provides significant added value.
  • Cost Savings: a single centralised database that is accessible to all project stakeholders minimises the risk of duplicating tasks. All stakeholders have access to the most up to date site data.
  • Collaboration: housing all data within a single environment encourages collaboration and data sharing across departments. The additional intelligence can help to make informed decisions and avoid downstream variations.
  • Point and Click: the easy-to-use cloud-based interface means users simply click on an asset to access a wide array of metadata, photography, and legacy information.