Multibeam Bathymetry and ADCP Deployment

24th September, 2018

LandScope were instructed to undertake a high resolution multibeam bathymetry survey and an ADCP deployment, logging various water flow measurements over the course of a month, to aid the understanding of outfall discharge modelling at Douglas and Laxey Bay, Isle of Man.

The road transportable survey vessel, Investigator, was towed to site and launched from the slipway, equipped with an R2Sonic 2020 multibeam and Reson single beam echosounder.

With acquisition complete, a dive team was utilised to deploy two Nortek ADCP units to the sea bed. Rigorous planning combined with a professional dive team ensured secure deployment. Recovery of the units was completed efficiently after thirty days, and full data recovery was achieved.

A detailed case study of the project can be found here; Isle of Man – Douglas and Laxey Bay