On the Radar

14th June, 2024

Our recent investment in state of the art GPR systems reassures our customers of maximum sub-surface data recovery. Every project is custom designed to ensure optimum GPR system deployment and acquisition parameters, and all the data is recorded and post-processed as standard procedure.

The LandScope team, including engineering geophysicists, rise to the everyday GPR challenges:-

  • Reinforced concrete penetration – application of wideband frequency sensors to penetrate rebar
  • Detection to greater depths
  • Noise removal for higher data resolution
  • Working over heterogeneous sub-surfaces

Reliability and technical certainty is core to our GPR delivery service. Whilst others may often sparingly deploy a minimal and basic GPR approach, our customers can always rely on the best available technology and techniques.

If you have any GPR related projects coming up, please do Contact us.


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GPR Rebar - edited