Orbit GT Acquired by Bentley Systems

6th November, 2019

As the UK authorised reseller of Orbit GT, we are excited to announce that on the 18th October 2019, Orbit GT signed an agreement to become part of Bentley Systems.

Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT, said, “Orbit GT will join Bentley’s new Digital Cities business unit led by Mr Robert Mankowski, which is a perfect place for our team and technology to continue our work and engage in even larger challenges that the future world will bring to us.

This strategic step forward will allow for broader and stronger products to be provided to our users in the 3D Mapping space, in either industry. By joining global modeling business leader Bentley Systems, our customers will benefit from the synergy that arises from blending technologies, enhancing interoperability, increasing productivity and offering a higher return on investment.

This announcement offers our team, partners, and customers a unique opportunity to take a big leap forward in addressing today’s need for increasingly accurate, versatile, manageable, and embedded use of digital twins. Advancing the 3D mapping paradigm has always been at the heart of Orbit GT’s activities. In adding to Bentley’s digital cities offerings, we will jointly broaden the solutions portfolio and provide unprecedented possibilities for collaboration among platforms. I am excited to help build this future together with great teams at Bentley Systems. In effect, we are now advancing 3D mapping to underlie 4D digital twins!”

The full press release from Bentley Systems can be found here.