Real-Time Structural Monitoring in London

11th May, 2017

LandScope have been appointed to provide real-time monitoring for a new development project in London. The project consists of demolition, excavation, piling and construction phases which require displacement monitoring of the listed buildings that surround the site.

A critical component of the monitoring requirement is the provision of real-time alarming for all stakeholders, particularly the building contractor, ensuring that site activities do not exceed defined displacement limits.

The approach adopted was to install a series of in-place digital MEMs tilt meters on each listed structure providing rotational measurements at five minute intervals. In addition, a high precision one second total station has been placed on site providing 3D measurement data to a number of strategically installed survey prisms in and around each listed building.

All total station and tilt meter measurement data is fed real-time into the monitoring software package Trimble 4D Control (T4D). T4D provides reliable and quick real-time viewing of monitoring data in response to intelligent alarming alerts for site personnel using a PC or smart phone in order to help manage movement influence introduced by site activities.

In order to further support data analysis on site, the T4D setup incorporates input of other third party sensors on site, e.g. vibration, noise and dust, which have been included in the intelligent alarming and reporting systems to help ensure meaningful correlated data is available for review and analysis.

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