UK Floods: Assessing the Damage

12th January, 2016

The UK has recently experienced some of the heaviest rainfall and most extreme flooding in history, particularly in the north of England and in Scotland.

With the unprecedented river levels and discharge conditions, LandScope has been busy with post-event survey support. The BlueView 3D SoNAR scanning system has played a particularly important role in providing high resolution visualisations of below water bridge structures – allowing bridge inspectors to assess any flood damage and determine if safe to operate.

In this case, the BlueView system can often be deployed during high water levels, when still unsafe to commission diver based surveys. Such an approach may reduce the duration of a bridge closure and provide the whole team with a definite, easily visualised, model of the underwater condition.

For further information on the BlueView system or any other flood related survey services, please contact 3D Survey Services Manager Tom Card.

Please also take a look at our Bridge Survey and Inspection webpage for additional information.