Laser Scanning and PAS128 Mapping

6th January, 2016

LandScope is currently in the midst of a large scale integrated project, having designed a solution for a client that requires a range of intricate and detailed surveys across multiple sites.

This has involved:

  • The acquisition of high resolution point clouds of congested London streets; and,
  • The colourisation of said point cloud data through use of the Nodal Ninja camera system (see image); and,
  • The acquisition of LiDAR data both internally and externally at a pumping station; and,
  • PAS128 (Type B) compliant 3D underground infrastructure mapping; and,
  • 3D topographical surveys.

With the project due to continue over the next few months, we hope to bring further updates in the near future. In the meantime, please explore our website to discover more information about each of the aforementioned service areas: