Drone Technology for Traffic Analysis

21st June, 2018

LandScope Engineering were recently commissioned to assist with traffic flow surveys at four busy junctions of the M6 in the West Midlands.

The project was designed around the use of drones to acquire video footage primarily to visualise the potential queuing and issues caused with traffic weaving and merging at the various junctions.

Further to a detailed project planning stage, and taking into account numerous pre-flight considerations working adjacent to the carriageway, LandScope and Blades Aerial Survey carried out the surveys during a predetermined one hour peak slot during the morning and an additional hour in the afternoon.

The project involved a coordinated effort with the client and a third party company who undertook vehicular counts concurrently with the drone survey.

Videos with location, date and time code overlays covering each junction were delivered to the client. The 4k resolution offered an enhanced viewing experience with greater ability to zoom into the footage and the overlay information enabled easy identification of specific traffic flows.

A detailed case study can be found here.