Mapping the Extents of an Underground Chamber

26th June, 2018

LandScope have recently completed a challenging project mapping the extents of an underground storm water holding chamber. It was imperative that the size, position and depth of the chamber were mapped to assist in the design and construction of a new development on the brownfield site.

A site reconnaissance survey revealed two access manholes but it was deemed unsafe to send personnel into the chamber without extensive confined space training and safety equipment. LandScope proposed an alternative solution based around an inverted Faro Focus laser scanner which was deployed at each manhole and lowered below the soffit level. This enabled the capture of a point cloud data set, controlled remotely via WiFi and mobile device, within just five minutes.

The point cloud was post-processed and registered using Trimble Realworks and exported to AutoCAD via ReCap. The required data was then extracted and added to the CAD model.