Rapid Charging Infrastructure, London

14th June, 2018

LandScope have successfully completed integrated topographical and PAS128 utility mapping surveys of proposed Rapid Charging Infrastructure (RCI) sites across London.

In line with London becoming a zero carbon city by 2050, Transport for London have been developing and expanding a network of electric vehicle rapid charging points (RCP) across the city. TfL’s goal is to install 150 RCP’s by the end of 2018 and at least 300 by 2020.

Since November 2017 LandScope have completed over sixty proposed RCI sites, each being surveyed, post-processed and delivered within a tight time schedule of less than 5-7 working days. The sites are located in busy areas of the city which can increase the complexity of each survey and in some instances our survey crews are required to work alongside traffic management in the carriageway.

Each site is surveyed to the PAS128 specification, M4P methodology, as requested by our client. This ensures that the RCI designers are able to position the infrastructure with minimal impact and disruption to the existing infrastructure and street layout. A full case study can be found here.