Adopting Smarter Technologies for Topographical Mapping

30th May, 2018

LandScope Engineering were recently commissioned to undertake a highway topographical survey along a busy road junction in Bedford. The project was designed around a combination of mobile mapping complimented with traditional acquisition methods. We proposed the use of our Topcon IP-S3 mobile mapping system as it offers numerous benefits within a highways environment including;

  • rapid and efficient data acquisition without the need for traffic management
  • removes the risk of having survey personnel working on the live-carriageway

We captured a detailed high-resolution point cloud and 360° panoramic image set across the whole survey area which led to efficient topographical extraction and verification workflows.

The expected survey accuracies were achieved through measured ground control points which were used to further constrain the mobile mapping data set.

Our client was issued with a detailed AutoCAD drawing which may be used in future to meet more advanced 3D modelling requirements.  Additionally, a subset of the data has been made available to view via the Orbit GT 3D Mapping Cloud, a powerful hosting platform available through the browser which optimises and integrates 3D data sets (imagery, point clouds and other GI data) into one homogeneous model.