The race is on!

6th June, 2018

From highway gully mapping to race circuit modelling, LandScope Engineering are using mobile mapping technology to meet wide-ranging customer project requirements.

As part of our autoMAP Infrastructure Asset Management service, LandScope created an accurate and detailed highways asset inventory for the Highways Services Division at the Isle of Man Government utilising Orbit’s Feature Extraction software.

The use of mobile mapping to acquire the Isle of Man data set offered great efficiencies in both time and cost to the Council. The geo-referenced database took a fraction of the time to collect when compared with traditional methods and, with reduced personnel on the highway, there was no requirement for costly traffic management or lane closures.

Given the incredible amount of detail available from the originally captured point cloud data and panoramic photography, LandScope were provided with an opportunity to work with a gaming solution provider to create an environmental model of the TT track for their newly released game Isle of Man TT Ride on the Edge for PS4/XBOXone/PC – proving the value of mobile mapping as a 3D digital record tool.

We are pleased to report that the realism of the road and the environment has been particularly appraised by reviews and players.