Integrated UAV and Multibeam Bathymetric Survey for Coastal Monitoring

1st June, 2020

“The Holderness coastline has some of the fastest eroding coast in Europe with over four metres a year of land eroding at South Withernsea” East Yorkshire of Riding Council.

In order to monitor the cliff and foreshore environment, and ensure against possible rock dump spillage, LandScope has been contracted to provide both aerial (UAV) and marine (multibeam bathymetry) services to the sea defences project at Withernsea.

Our eBee X fixed wing UAV provided a high resolution photographic and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the inter-tidal shore and cliff interface. Survey works were conducted on a low water spring tide to ensure maximum overlap with the bathymetric survey data set.

LandScope’ survey vessel Investigator mapped the adjacent seabed and unloading area offshore with the high resolution multibeam system from R2 Sonic.

The aerial and marine survey overlap area provides an excellent check on the data sets given Ground Control Points (GCP’s) were installed densely throughout the inter-tidal zone. A snapshot of the data set can be found below.

Survey works will be repeated throughout the programme to provide a monitoring tool for the works.

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