In challenging environments, where it is not considered safe to deploy divers, LandScope can mobilise an inspection class ROV from the shore, or from our MCA coded vessels Investigator and Polecat II. 

Fitted with a variety of sensors, including a 4k camera with powerful lighting rig and a Blueprint Oculus imaging sonar, the ROV is capable of completing a range of survey and inspection missions. The ROV captures videos and photography and, where visibility is poor, sonar mosaics of structures and the bed.


LandScope are always looking for new ways to enable our customers with meaningful underwater visualisations. Due to suspended sediments, visibility within the water column is often minimal, therefore an imaging sonar can be deployed.

Reviewing data from the imaging sonar can be challenging however Soundtiles from Iqua Robotics allows for stitching and georeferencing of sonar imaging files into a single ortho image, from which the underwater structures and bed can be analysed and measured. The final product delivers an unprecedented survey and inspection resolution to underwater walls and other structures.


In sheltered environments, such as ports, harbours, lakes and rivers, LandScope can deploy an Unmanned Survey Vessel (USV) to rapidly capture single beam or multibeam bathymetry. Based around the Picotech PicoPOD, the wide swath multibeam echo sounder makes short work of shallow water environments where it is not always practical or cost effective to deploy a survey vessel.

With an exceptionally shallow draft and one person operation, the USV solution offers a cost effective way to capture high resolution bathymetry.