Measuring Beyond The Accessible

8th February, 2024

LandScope are routinely requested to develop bespoke measuring and modelling campaigns for culverts, tunnels, shafts and underground chambers. The one thing in common being inaccessibility – i.e. no manned entry.

We select from a range of measurement sensors and deployment systems – depending on remote access opportunities, size of feature, water or air-filled and, of course, the resolution and accuracies defined by our clients.

Techniques include:-

  • Photographic / Photogrammetric / LiDAR – from crawlers, ROVs and UAV/Drone: Elios 3 (supplied through Glanville Geospatial)
  • Sonar – high resolution underwater modelling from crawlers, ROVs and inverted frames and tripod systems

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action shot Elios