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Geophysical Newsletter
25/07/2017 - Geophysical Newsletter
LandScope’s geophysical team has enjoyed an exceptionally busy start to 2017 including the enhanced development of several key services – details can be found in our latest Geophysical Newsletter, available to read online here.
In to the Depths of 3D
20/07/2017 - In to the Depths of 3D
LandScope has acquired a new multi-purpose survey vessel which will enable us to expand our hydrographic survey capabilities to meet the demands of near-shore, coastal and ports and harbour environments. As part of the initial set up of the vessel,...
Concrete Structure Investigation
17/07/2017 - Concrete Structure Investigation
LandScope has recently completed a structural investigation at a large scale residential site under construction in High Wycombe to map concrete cover over reinforcing elements within floor slabs. Given the large survey area, a ground penetrating radar (GPR) system with...