Structural Monitoring at Linton Bridge

8th March, 2017

Originally surveyed in early 2016 with our underwater scanning sonar, LandScope have revisited Linton Bridge this week to establish a structural movement programme during remedial construction works.

Following flood damage to the Grade II listed structure in December 2015, LandScope have been appointed to monitor the bridge at weekly intervals for the duration of the remedial works.

LandScope’s Monitoring Team utilised our Trimble SX10 to capture point cloud data and high resolution photography on site this week. The resultant data will be used for comparison against future visits to model and monitor any movement.

In order to present survey results, a high definition 3D LiDAR point cloud generated model will be compared visit by visit and any detected movement portrayed as a colourised ‘heat map’.

You may find additional information on our wide range of monitoring services here.