U-GIS: LandScope’s Underground GIS Platform at GEO Business 2021

26th November, 2021

On 25th November, our Geoscience Manager Mark White presented at GEO Business in their GIS & Data Hub Theatre.

Presenting U-GIS, LandScope’s Underground GIS Platform

At the last GEO Business in 2019, LandScope presented and outlined the key philosophies of our underground GIS platform; “taking existing above ground, underground and underwater data sets and bringing them together into one easily accessible GIS platform”. This year, LandScope presented real world industry examples of U-GIS in action and showcased the benefits it offers to our clients as well as some of the exciting new developments.

Didn’t get a chance to catch it live? You can view a copy of the presentation here or scroll down to see U-GIS in action in Google Earth and QGIS.

If you would like more information on U-GIS, or to arrange a demo, please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or enquiries@land-scope.com.