Detailed Canal and Bridge Inspection on Grand Union Canal

8th February, 2022

Designed to report on the structural dimension and integrity of a section of canal and associated over-bridge, LandScope have recently deployed the highest resolution sonar and GPR technologies to this integrated project on Grand Union Canal.

Underwater 3D dimensional modelling of the canal walls and bed was addressed with the 2.25MHz BlueView scanning sonar. Top-side scanning captured with a Trimble SX10, was utilised to provide a dimensional control baseline at water level to which sonar data could be registered and calibrated precisely for sound velocity.

Finally, multiple frequency GPR data was acquired over the tow path, abutment walls, and contemporary reinforced column structures. The GSSI Palm Antenna (2.0GHz) provided high resolution structural data and the low frequencies – 900Mhz and 400MHz – informed on overall structure of the bridge as well as the remains of the historical structure.


MicrosoftTeams-image (109)
MicrosoftTeams-image (110)
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